• £128.00

Barefoot shoes designed by physiotherapists. Footwear produced in ethic conditions. The production does not engage in any form of animal suffering. The footwear does not distort your feet and keeps them happy and free. Upper and lining from recycled PET bottles and recycled cotton from Recovertex (material that has one of the most strict health and safety property). 

  • Upper material: Recovertex® Lining: Recovertex® Sole: from a recycled super sports motorcycle tire
  • Breathability: Standard
  • Water resistance: Diminished, it is necessary to impregnate
  • Model: Sneakers
  • Colour: Navy
  • Care: Treat with suitable impregnation
  • Cleaning: Clean with a damp cloth or a special cleaner
  • Hand-made shoes from top-quality materials sourced in the EU countries. 
  • Delivery to UK up to 14 days, as shoes are manufactured per order.