About Us

Thank you for your interest in us.  At CHOOWEY, we aspire that no living being or the planet are hurt in the manufacturing of the products. Therefore we became a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to be more aware of the apparel industry best practices. As you have seen on the welcoming page of the site, I am vegan, fully since 2 years now, and I have started this platform simply because I needed myself an online retailer with faux leather fashion articles that I like.
The story starts when I was looking for shoes online for New Year's Eve 2018...  

And each time after I was spending so much time tochoosee a model that I liked when I was checking the material content, they had either just a little part of leather or were fully in leather.

And that was disappointing, I had to start all over again while craving the shoes that I just saw and liked. Other times, I had to send emails to the producers to ask about the materials and wait for replies... You might have been there before too!

Most of the expensive shoes are in leather, which is great now because I am spending less on fashion since vegan products are cheaper. Hey, just like the food, right?! Vegans spend less on food 100%! And on the health issues, as they reduce. 

Guys, don't get it twisted, right now is just me, myself and I, doing this site, so its no big business with profits, I'm actually having a day-to-day job. But I promise I will browse and constantly upload new products in each category. I will try to make lots of discounts but bear with me, as I m trying to figure this thing out!

Nevertheless and most importantly, if you ever have any issues with the products from the site, please let me know. I care first of all that you are pleased with the shopping experience, the concept of the store and with the products.

Much love,